Bitdefender Internet Security Review 2015

Scan-Speed : / 10
Boot-Speed : / 5
Resources : / 15
Total Performance : / 30
Spyware Detection : / 15
Virus Detection : / 15
Nr. of False Alarms : / 10
Nr. of Virus Updates : / 10
Total Security : / 50
Intuitiveness : / 5
User Interface : / 10
Setting Options : / 5
Total Usability : / 20
The new version 2015 has been greatly improved compared to its predecessor. The 2015 version brings new BitDefender profiles. The program reacts differently depending on what activities you are performing on your computer. Notifications are disabled or partly blocked whilst playing games, other programs are prevented from running at all. New also is the autopilot function which serves to identify and enable optimal settings for security on your machine automatically.

The use of this program is now very easy. One shortcoming of the previous version has been fixed. The recognition rate of adware and spyware has been greatly improved and is now rated among the best.

BitDefender leaves viruses, Trojan horses and worms no chance. The recognition rate of the Internet Security software is approximately 97.6%. The proactive detection is extremely reliable and an included firewall, parental controls and an anti-spam Module all serve for the user to be able to breathe easy. The program also prevents personal information from being stolen through unsecure sites via e-mail, internet or instant messaging. In addition, the wireless connection is also monitored and any unauthorized access prevented. Chat conversations are also encrypted.

The new version of Bitdefender also includes an auto-pilot function which makes its own decisions on security and a rescue mode in which damages to the operating system can be repaired. A virtual browser, search advisor and a scan dispatcher are also included in the program range.

The system performance is hardly affected by the moderate memory consumption of the software. The program also received top marks in the scanning speed.

The design of the software is very user-friendly and therefore very easy to learn. The program is recommended for beginners as the interface is structured very clearly.

Those who use facebook and twitter will be delighted by a new filter which scans and checks links from facebook and twitter friends and also protects your privacy settings.


  • Good value for money
  • Excellent virus detection rate (98%)
  • Security level can be changed by the user
  • Good response time to new threats
  • Easy to use even for beginners


  • None identified


BitDefender’s software is reliable and protects against many threats on the internet. Compared to its competitors the software is positioned firmly at the top of the leader board. The user interface is very neat and well defined.

Special offer for a limited time

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Bitdefender Product Overview

You will find an overview of various Bitdefender products and license expiry options here.

ATTENTION: For a limited time get one year FREE if you buy a one year license. That is a discount of 40 Euros on Internet Security and a discount of 50 Euros on Total Security.

Product Price Discount Visit Provider
Lebenslang Edition 1 User 5 Jahre 250,– Euro 70% Rabatt
Internet Security 3 User 2 Jahre 99,95 Euro 1 Jahr gratis = 40 Euro Rabatt
Total Security 3 User 2 Jahre 119,95 Euro 1 Jahr gratis = 50 Euro Rabatt

Features and Specifications

You will find information about the individual products in the following table. What features offered by each virus scanner? What operating systems are suitable? Here you will get the answer.

Features and Specifications
Requirements: 800MHz CPU, 512RAM
Operating Systems: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8
Virus scanner: yes
Language: English
Firewall: yes
Antispam: yes
Anti-Phishing: yes
Anti-Spyware: yes
Laptop-Mode: yes
Game-Mode: yes

Newspaper Reviews

We have summarized test results and ratings of various magazines for you below. Please read what other magazines and online portals have to say about this software.

Zeitschrift Logo Rating: Good
Bitdefender has continuously scored well in our AV-ratings over several years. Your computer will be fully protected with Bitdefender Internet Security 2015.
Tested version: Bitdefender Internet Security 2015
Zeitschrift Logo Rating: VERY GODD
Bitdefender Internet Security is the complete all-round security package for your PC. The program protects against Trojans, phishing and other internet threats.
Practical: A great tool for performing online activities such as online Banking is the “SafeWay” feature which offers a secure browser.
Tested version: Bitdefender Internet Security 2015
Zeitschrift Logo Excellent Protection
The Bitdefender Suite stood out due to its excellent protection and flawless operation in the antivirus test.
Tested Version: Bitdefender Internet Security 2014

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  • Performance
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Very good product