F-Secure Internet Security Review 2015

Scan-Speed : / 10
Boot-Speed : / 5
Resources : / 15
Total Performance : / 30
Spyware Detection : / 15
Virus Detection : / 15
Nr. of False Alarms : / 10
Nr. of Virus Updates : / 10
Total Security : / 50
Intuitiveness : / 5
User Interface : / 10
Setting Options : / 5
Total Usability : / 20
With the software from F-Secure your PC is perfectly protected against all kinds of Internet attacks. Whether viruses, worms, spyware, or other malware, the new Deep Guard technology keeps your PC safe. Real-time protection with many other combined methods protects your PC on several levels. Web exploits are not recognized as reliably as one would like it. However, the detection rates for viruses and other malware is quite impressive and can easily compete with other providers. The security optimization from the 2012 version secures your mobile broadband at home and abroad very well.
The scanning speed and the user interface of the F-Secure software is something which could be improved. Online protection, Time-Lock and Web filters were combined optimally to make the program even easier and more powerful.
Beginners will find it difficult to cope and will need to apply a lot of patience. The help function and instructions are very short and don’t make the operation any easier. However, the installation of the new version has been greatly simplified.


  • Good detection rates for viruses and malware
  • Good reaction time to new threats
  • Security level can be changed by the user
  • Very few false alarms


  • Scan speed improvement
  • Operating a bit confusing


Speed and user-friendliness need significant improvement. However, the software is reliable and satisfactory. Those who would like to use this software will receive a program that provides good protection against the threats on the Internet.

Features and Specifications

You will find information about the individual products in the following table. What features offered by each virus scanner? What operating systems are suitable? Here you will get the answer.

Features and Specifications
Requirements: 800MHz CPU, 512RAM
Operating Systems: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8
Virus scanner: yes
Language: English
Firewall: yes
Antispam: yes
Anti-Phishing: yes
Anti-Spyware: yes
Laptop-Mode: yes
Game-Mode: yes

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