G-Data Internet Security Review 2015

Scan-Speed : / 10
Boot-Speed : / 5
Resources : / 15
Total Performance : / 30
Spyware Detection : / 15
Virus Detection : / 15
Nr. of False Alarms : / 10
Nr. of Virus Updates : / 10
Total Security : / 50
Intuitiveness : / 5
User Interface : / 10
Setting Options : / 5
Total Usability : / 20
You will get comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, worms, rootkits, spyware, Trojans, dialers and backdoors with the Internet Security package from G-Data. 2 different engines from Bitdefender and Avast ensure a high virus and spyware detection. No competitor can compete with these detection rates and secure top scores for G Data. The new version has also been expanded to include proactive protection for online banking transaction and has improved the add-ins for Outlook. Viruses and spam can now be detected better and faster.
However, false alarms occur more often and the system is heavily overloaded. Whilst various improvements and developments have been made, other providers showed better results in terms of overloading and avoiding errors.
The loading of the G-Data Software did put strain on the PC at times. One therefore had to expect a delayed start up. This problem has been largely eliminated by the new idle scan however. This scanner utilizes computer runtimes to perform scans.


  • Good value for money
  • Rapid response time to new viruses
  • Very good virus detection rate (99.80%)
  • Very good Firewall included
  • Reliable detection and removal of rootkits


  • False alarms are more common
  • Significant delay when browsing the Internet
  • Load on system more noticeable on slower computers


This software should be used by users who possess a powerful PC and don’t mind a reduction in speed. Those who value security more than speed are well served with this software.

Features and Specifications

You will find information about the individual products in the following table. What features offered by each virus scanner? What operating systems are suitable? Here you will get the answer.

Features and Specifications
Requirements: 800MHz CPU, 512RAM
Operating Systems: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8
Virus scanner: yes
Language: English
Firewall: yes
Antispam: yes
Anti-Phishing: yes
Anti-Spyware: yes
Laptop-Mode: yes
Game-Mode: yes

Newspaper Reviews

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Zeitschrift Logo Rating: Good
Very good, but quite slow scan with two virus scanners. This puts a significant load on the PC. The included CD also serves as a boot CD.
Tested version: G-Data Internet Security
Zeitschrift Logo Rating: Good
If you can live with delays while surfing and during boot up, you will receive a successful product update which comes with several minor improvements.
Tested version: G-Data Internet Security

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