Kaspersky Internet Security Review 2015

Scan-Speed : / 10
Boot-Speed : / 5
Resources : / 15
Total Performance : / 30
Spyware Detection : / 15
Virus Detection : / 15
Nr. of False Alarms : / 10
Nr. of Virus Updates : / 10
Total Security : / 50
Intuitiveness : / 5
User Interface : / 10
Setting Options : / 5
Total Usability : / 20
The new version of Kaspersky Internet Security has managed to convince critics of the level of security through the test results of various magazines. High spyware and virus detection rates and minimal load on the system make this program even more effective. Compared to other programs, Kaspersky keeps up with its competitors. Existing vulnerabilities are efficiently identified and the user is notified of any dangerous browser settings or important security updates.
The program was also expanded to include a parental control, Instant protection against new threats, phishing protection and many other features. Communication via social networks is made much more secure through the constant monitoring of internet traffic.
The program works via an automatic configuration, comprehensive self-protection function and a particularly reliable automatic system recovery upon removal of malicious software. Unauthorized changes to settings are completely prevented. The program works unobtrusively in the background and does not interfere with the user, and the interface is also easy to use.
The program reaches a better scan speed by the use of whitelists on which websites are entered as being safe and or well known, which need not be scanned. Thus, the system load is reduced even further and the user will hardly be aware of the scan being in progress. Should there be changes by malware and the like, the automatic rollback restores the PC back to its original state prior to the infection.


  • Very good virus detection rate (99%)
  • Detailed and understandable guide
  • Suitable for amateurs as well as professionals
  • Low resource consumption
  • Extremely user-friendly configuration
  • Clearly arranged user interface
  • Very good spyware detection rate (98%)
  • Automatically checks PC for any weak points in security


  • None identified


Kaspersky is especially good for amateurs and beginners. The program runs autonomously in the background and causes no load on the system. The high scan rate and simple user interface makes this program a popular choice. The scanning speed is another plus point. Therefore, we can recommend the program without reservations.

Features and Specifications

You will find information about the individual products in the following table. What features offered by each virus scanner? What operating systems are suitable? Here you will get the answer.

Features and Specifications
Requirements: 800MHz CPU, 512RAM
Operating Systems: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8
Virus scanner: yes
Language: English
Firewall: yes
Antispam: yes
Anti-Phishing: yes
Anti-Spyware: yes
Laptop-Mode: no
Game-Mode: yes

Newspaper Reviews

We have gone to the trouble of summarizing test results of various magazines in order to provide a better overview. Please read what other magazines and online portals have to say about this provider.

Zeitschrift Logo No impact on PC speed
As its predecessor, the new Kaspersky suite boasts a stylish interface, easy operation, good defaults without constant warnings and decent performance rates.
Tested version: Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
Zeitschrift Logo Rating: GOOD
Very good virus scanner in an overall good and balanced security package.
Tested version: Kaspersky Internet Security 2014
Zeitschrift Logo Rating: GOOD
Pros: Very good detection of inactive and active spyware; Easy to use. Cons: bad behavior-based spyware detection.
Tested Version: Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

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