Trend Micro Internet Security Review 2015

Scan-Speed : / 10
Boot-Speed : / 5
Resources : / 15
Total Performance : / 30
Spyware Detection : / 15
Virus Detection : / 15
Nr. of False Alarms : / 10
Nr. of Virus Updates : / 10
Total Security : / 50
Intuitiveness : / 5
User Interface : / 10
Setting Options : / 5
Total Usability : / 20
In the area of gateway security, Trend Micro is the most popular program and thus the global market leader. Although the products are less well known in Germany, the success of the new products is unbroken and continues to grow. This provider is by far the most successful and well known developer of security software worldwide which manages to keep up to date with the latest developments.

A separate System Tuner improves and optimizes PC performance by automatically deleting temporary files and unnecessary registry entries. By using “real-time updates”, the Internet Security program from Trend Micro is always up to date. The detection rate of malware is very high and puts this program at the top alongside other providers in this category.
The spam blocker and parental control proved themselves during the test. Websites with censored and restricted content are blocked right from the start and the time spent online is also limited. The spam blocker blocks and reliably detects spam emails and image spam.
The program is easy to use and the installation and configuration is complete within a few minutes. The user-friendly interface is simple in structure and easy to operate. But even experienced users get their money’s worth: the program can also generate detailed reports. Thus, users receive comprehensive safety reports with all relevant safety data.
Definitely a highlight in this program which no other developer currently offers its customers. In addition to the last version, the user interface can also be personalized with personal photos.


  • intuitive user interface
  • Protection against data theft
  • Firewall Optimization
  • Spam detection in real time
  • Detailed reports
  • Parental controls
  • High recognition rates


  • None identified


Definitely one of the best programs on the market. Ease of use, comprehensive protection and detailed security reports win over every user. Newcomers learn to use the new product quickly and are thrilled by the defined interface.

Trend Micro Product Overview

Here you will find an overview of the various Trend Micro products and license expiry options.

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With this 35% discount consumers receive the Maximum Security for 5 users and 2 years for only 84,43 Euros instead of 129.90 Euros. Keep in mind that the regular price of a 1 year license and 3 users for Internet Security is already priced at 49,95 Euros.
SAVING TIP: To receive your extra 5% discount please select a product first and click on the “buy now” button. Your selected product has now been added to your shopping cart. If you try and close your browser, you will receive a message with the 5% special offer discount. If you click on the green “continue with purchase” button within this message (do not close your browser) the discount will automatically be applied to your shopping cart, no coupon code necessary.

Product Price Discount Visit Provider
Internet Security 1 User 1 year 49,95 Euro 25% + 5% Off
Internet Security 1 User 2 years 79,90 Euro 25% + 5% Off
Internet Security 3 User 1 year 59,95 Euro 25% + 5% Off

Features and Specifications

You will find information about the individual products in the following table. What features offered by each virus scanner? What operating systems are suitable? Here you will get the answer.

Features and Specifications
Requirements: 1 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, 500 MB free hard disk space
Operating Systems: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8
Virus scanner: yes
Language: English
Firewall: yes
Antispam: yes
Anti-Phishing: yes
Anti-Spyware: yes
Laptop-Mode: no
Game-Mode: n

Newspaper Reviews

We have gone to the trouble of summarizing test results of various magazines in order to provide a better overview. Please read what other magazines and online portals have to say about this provider.

Zeitschrift Logo Rating: Good
“Trend Micro Internet Security” has convinced us by the test results and is worth every penny.
Tested version: Trend Micro Internet Security 2014
Zeitschrift Logo Rating: VERY GODD
Real-World Test: Trend Micro Titanium 2014 did very well in this test.
Practical: A great tool for performing online activities such as online Banking is the “SafeWay” feature which offers a secure browser.
Tested version: Bitdefender Internet Security 2015

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